Air Niugini names woman for top job

AIR Niugini has appointed Paila Leka as the executive manager of Cargo Services, the first woman chosen for this senior position.
Air Niugini names woman for top job Air Niugini names woman for top job Air Niugini names woman for top job Air Niugini names woman for top job Air Niugini names woman for top job

Paila Leka

Staff Reporter

Leka started work with Air Niugini 27 years ago as a cargo officer and has been there since, covering all operational areas within the cargo department.
Air Niugini says he was manager of standards and administration before this promotion.
She said her passion for the job and the eagerness to understand the cargo business had kept her going this long.
"Helping customers to ensure their cargo safely reaches its destination anywhere in the world can be challenging but if you are passionate about what you do, you will always look for new ways, better processes and procedures to ensure all cargo either inbound or outbound reach their final destinations on time and that customers are happy."
Air Niugini says Leka's new role now is to ensure all cargo operations are carried out safely and in compliance with cargo policies and procedures in the Cargo Manual, IATA, IOSA and CASA requirements.
She also oversees the overall operations of cargo to ensure better communication and procedures are followed to ensure cargo safely reach their final destination. It's the first time, a woman has been appointed to this senior position in Air Niugini.
"Getting your hands dirty is what any woman can do and that is what our cargo business does. I am happy to be part of a team that sweats and works smarter to ensure we deliver to the expectation of our customers. We may not be perfect but we try to improve our procedures and processes all the time," Leka said.
Air Niugini uplifts cargo from its base in Port Moresby to 24 domestic and 12 international destinations.