Local firms fix Madang roads

MADANG-based companies have taken the initiative to fix the deteriorating roads in the province, one of the first such initiatives undertaken by local firms.
Local firms fix Madang roads Local firms fix Madang roads Local firms fix Madang roads Local firms fix Madang roads Local firms fix Madang roads

Staff Reporter

"The roads in town are a problem. In November last year the state of the roads deteriorated with potholes continuously getting bigger," Nopeti Engineering manager Matagal Tamilong told the Post Courier newspaper.
"As service providers and locals in Madang, we have to address this. A lot of people have been complaining and we decided to come up with this initiative to help resolve the problems."
Companies involved include Nopeti Engineering, Wasmatau Ltd, Main Road Civil Works contractors and Sigma Construction, which mobilised the machines and resources to patch the city's potholes.
"We cannot let the potholes become craters. This initiative has brought together these companies and Madang Works to pool all our resources," Tamilong said.
Former provincial works and implementation assistant director Hood Kasas is one of the contractors driving the road maintenance work.
However Kasas pointed out that no matter how good road repairs were, they would not last long because of the city's bad drainage system.
"The new scope for road maintenance must focus on drainage. Drainage is the main hindrance to maintaining a good roads."
Repairs have already been carried out along Modilon Road, Nabasa, infront of Tusbab Secondary School and Anderson Supermarket in the city.