Probe into airport rampage

PRIME Minister James Marape has expressed his anger over the clash by employees of two security firms at Jacksons International Airport this week, damaging property and intimidating workers.
Probe into airport rampage Probe into airport rampage Probe into airport rampage Probe into airport rampage Probe into airport rampage

Staff Reporter

He has called for an investigation into the rampage as well as other operational and management related to the National Airport Corporation's operation.
"This incident is one of many such safety issues that has been happening at our premiere airport and I am not taking it lightly.  I have directed for investigations into what is happening at the airports." Marape said.
"I am not running government for breaking rules, nepotism and fighting for positions or contracts to grow roots in our State own agencies. And NAC as a state agency must rise above this sort of nonsense because workplace safety is important for travellers, business and the community," Marape said.
The investigation will be headed by Thomas Eluh of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) with senior officers from prime minister's department, police, transport department and state solicitor's office. Other departments, including finance and auditor-general, may be called on to assist.
The fight broke out between staff of two security firms and it is believed that security personnel from Kuima Security attacked Asila Security personnel over the termination of a security contract at the airport.
The fight started outside the terminal area but moved into the terminal building and airport tarmac. Both passengers and airline staff at the airport got caught up in the confrontation.
Kuima Security personnel allegedly caused damages to the domestic terminal and ran onto the tarmac, reportedly chasing staff on duty.
It is believed that a security man from Asila sustained a head injury and an NAC vehicle was damaged. Police had to intervene to stop the fight.



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