Madang business wants PMIZ input

THE business community in Madang wants to have more input in the development of the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone in the district.
Madang business wants PMIZ input Madang business wants PMIZ input Madang business wants PMIZ input Madang business wants PMIZ input Madang business wants PMIZ input

Kevin Murray

Staff Reporter

Madang Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Kevin Murray said the business community wanted to see the project developed as it would positively impact Madang's economy.
A committee has been set up for the project but Murray said businesses had so far no engagement with the committee.
"As far as I know, the business community hasn't been involved in any discussions," he said.
"We know there are some plans to develop it, but there has been no communication with the business community.
"We would like the people who are developing and promoting the project to talk to us so we can know what plans they have."
Fisheries Minister Dr Lino Tom had said the PMIZ and the Manus tuna plant were priority projects of the fisheries sector.
Lino said the Government had allocated K100 million in the budget for the decade-long delayed PMIZ.
K30 million from that funding will be used to develop the Manus tuna plant.
"The PMIZ is like a flagship project that will drive our 10-year strategic plan, so it's actually on foot," he said.
"We've also engaged KPMG to do the financial feasibility.
"We hope to start work this year based on the feasibility and the reports."
Meanwhile, Madang businesses would like to see the province's political leaders unite and work together for the economic betterment of the province.
Murray said the province did not have leaders that worked together to develop the province and this needed to change if Madang was to reach its potential. "In the last term of parliament, we didn't have this, members were doing their own thing and not cooperating together," he said.
"This has to change after the elections."
Describing Madang's state of the economy, Murray said things were normal.
"Everyone is a bit weary but business is fairly close to normal," he said.
"We would like to see the PMIZ developed, that might happen after the new Government is in place.
"There are some large Chinese businesses coming and stimulating the local economy.
"Basically for all these things to happen we need to have politicians who are going to act in the best interest of people, province and the betterment of the economy."
Murray added that the Modilon road which was currently under construction needed to be completed.
He said the road was in a poor state and this had a negative effect on businesses in terms of damage to vehicles.
"But things are looking up now because there are a lot more activities and we are looking forward to the road being completed."
Murray added that the General Election 2022 had ran smoothly and the business community hoped it was completed peacefully.



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