JMPM on Aussie 'step-up' tour

AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister Scott Morrison has rolled out the red carpet for his Papua New Guinean counterpart, as the leaders meet in Canberra.
JMPM on Aussie 'step-up' tour JMPM on Aussie 'step-up' tour JMPM on Aussie 'step-up' tour JMPM on Aussie 'step-up' tour JMPM on Aussie 'step-up' tour

James Marape with Scott Morrison at Parliament House

Staff Reporter

Morrison welcomed James Marape to Parliament House on Monday.
Cannon fire marked Marape's arrival, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports that Morrison invited Marape as part of Australia's "Pacific step-up" strategy, aimed at increasing Australia's economic and security engagement with its neighbours.
Marape was also scheduled to meet with Labor leader Anthony Albanese, visit the war memorial and see Governor-General David Hurley.
Marape is accompanied by his wife Rachael and several ministers on his six-day tour of Australia.



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