Four US jets divert to Moresby

IF RESIDENTS were concerned about four US Airforce jets in the airspace above Port Moresby, fear not, it was just an “unscheduled diversion to their planned flight path”.
Four US jets divert to Moresby Four US jets divert to Moresby Four US jets divert to Moresby Four US jets divert to Moresby Four US jets divert to Moresby

The four US Airforce military jets at Jacksons International Airport

Staff Reporter

Unscheduled stop for four military aircraftThe US Embassy thanked the government for its support in allowing the four aircraft to land at Jacksons International Airport.
The Embassy said the military jets were traveling through international airspace when they were forced to make an unscheduled diversion to their planned flight path. 
With the permission of PNG's Department of Transport, the aircraft spent about an hour at Jacksons before continuing on.
US Embassy spokesman Joseph Zadrozny said it was a great example of the partnership between the US and PNG.
"We know that when we ask for help as a friend, Papua New Guinea will be there to assist. Thank you to all those who aided our pilots in getting safely on their way," Zadrozny said.
The US Embassy says a flight diversion happens when an aircraft is unable to arrive directly at its final destination due to unforeseen circumstances, such as mechanical issues or bad weather. 
"Unscheduled diversions are a frequent occurrence worldwide in the aviation industry, including military and commercial flights," the Embassy said, without detailing where the aircraft had come from, where they were going to or what the problem was which caused the "flight diversion".


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