Ballot boxes destroyed in Hela

NINE ballot boxes were destroyed in Hela Province on Wednesday by angry candidates and their supporters over “variations in the common roll” as the national general election in Papua New Guinea ground on awkwardly this week.
Ballot boxes destroyed in Hela Ballot boxes destroyed in Hela Ballot boxes destroyed in Hela Ballot boxes destroyed in Hela Ballot boxes destroyed in Hela

Michael Welly

Staff Reporter

This was said by provincial police commander Michael Welly, who told The National newspaper that eight boxes were destroyed around 1am and one in the afternoon.
"Six boxes from South Koroba and one from Hulia One LLG in Komo-Margarima were burnt and one ballot box from the Hulia Two LLG was hijacked in the early hours of yesterday," he said.
Welly said another ballot box was destroyed in the afternoon in the Lower Wage LLG.
"In some areas, the voting population had decreased and was lower than the voting population in the previous elections and so frustrated candidates and their supporters destroyed the ballot boxes."
Welly told The National the afternoon incident in Lower Wage was due to border issues.
"Lower Wage shares its border with Southern Highlands and some people were angry because people from the other side of the border had come in to cast their votes."
Welly said the nine destroyed ballot boxes would not be counted as they were invalid. He said polling in the remote parts of Hela Province was scheduled to continue yesterday.
"The polling officers, materials and security operations were airlifted out of Tari to be inserted into their respective polling areas," Welly said.