One-stop online aviation shop

ONLINE aviation spare parts finder,, says it can provide easy access to shipping services by allowing clients to see a wide range of shipping options inside their marketplace.
One-stop online aviation shop One-stop online aviation shop One-stop online aviation shop One-stop online aviation shop One-stop online aviation shop

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The Lithuanian company says that most online aviation spare part marketplaces do not provide shipping options. The absence of shipping options can cause extra costs and time for both buyers and sellers and often leaves both parties searching for alternatives. 
"By handling express deliveries, hazardous or oversized cargo, and customs clearance, saves their clients valuable time and money," the company said.
The company says it combines several tasks into one process and by giving buyers a way to do everything instantly, decisions can be made more efficiently.
"With a few simple steps, a real-time shipping quote calculator can show accurate and competitive shipping prices for a large variety of globally recognised shipping services. Shipping orders need only one form and are always easily changeable. After ordering, buyers can track shipments in real-time to the destination, get waybills, and monitor the entire process from start to finish." is a part of Avia Solutions Group, a Warsaw Stock Exchange-listed company integrating maintenance-repair-overhaul services, pilot and crew training, aviation staff leasing, ground handling and aircraft fuelling, aircraft management, business charter, as well as airport management service providers.