Africa Downunder calling PNG

PAYDIRT Media's 16th Africa Downunder conference will take place from August 29 to 31 in Perth, Western Australia, this year.
Africa Downunder calling PNG Africa Downunder calling PNG Africa Downunder calling PNG Africa Downunder calling PNG Africa Downunder calling PNG

Staff Reporter

What is in it for miners in Papua New Guinea? Quite simple, it is one of the biggest mining events in the southern hemisphere where many of the deep-pocketed fund managers from around the world converge - a handy place to be for any exploration or mining company in the junior space.
Africa Downunder continues to deliver the leading forum for Australia-Africa business relations. Success stories from companies with projects across the continent have continued to drive momentum, buoyed by positive growth in market conditions and commodity prices - in many cases overcoming both geopolitical and security challenges.
"While the conference was introduced to raise awareness of Australia's interests in African mining and energy, Africa Downunder has grown to form the cornerstone of Australia's 'Africa Week', and has become the  must-attend event for those planning to invest in projects in Africa, or who already have projects in Africa; or those interested in doing business in Africa," the organisers said.
"Africa Downunder will play host to established miners and the new generation of explorers that are emerging - providing a platform for new entrants, including private companies, project vendors and investors, eager to get in on the ground floor of the next African resources boom."
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