Fraser risk report: how PNG fared

THERE are hills and valleys for Papua New Guinea in the Fraser Institute’s 2018 Survey of Mining Companies, regarded as one of the most respected risk reports in the world.
Fraser risk report: how PNG fared Fraser risk report: how PNG fared Fraser risk report: how PNG fared Fraser risk report: how PNG fared Fraser risk report: how PNG fared

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Predictably, Canada and Australia proved to be the safest, top-scoring jurisdictions.
Out of 83 jurisdictions, PNG did well in 'investment attractiveness', 'best practices and mineral potential' and also the 'taxation regime'.
It did not do well in policy perception, regulator duplication and inconsistencies; legal system; land claims and security.
Below is a list of PNG's rankings in each of the categories:
Investment attractiveness: 40th.
Policy perception index: 60th.
Best practices, mineral potential index: 21.
Investment attractiveness index, Australia and Oceania, 7th out of 12, beating New South Wales, Indonesia, Victoria, Tasmania and the Philippines.
Uncertainty concerning the administration, interpretation and enforcement of existing regulations: 64th.
Uncertainty concerning environmental regulations: 45th.
Regulator duplication and inconsistencies: 64th.
Legal system: 74th.
Taxation regime: 48th.
Uncertainty concerning disputed land claims: 70th.
Uncertainty concerning protected areas: 29th.
Quality of infrastructure: 72nd.
Socioeconomic agreements and community development conditions: 52nd.
Trade barriers: 60th.
Political stability: 68th.
Labour regulations, employment agreements, labour militancy and work disruptions: 42nd.
Geological database: 59th.
Security: 66th.
Availability of labour and skills: 61st.
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The 2018 MJ World Risk Report (featuring MineHutte ratings), based on 432 responses and rating 96 jurisdictions, was released in October.
Its investment risk index rated Ontario and British Columbia as the equal top-ranking jurisdictions, followed by Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Nevada, which all received AAA ratings.
Finland, Quebec, Alaska, Arizona, Sweden, Alberta, Austria and Colorado followed with AA ratings, while WA, Ireland, Chile, Peru, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Yukon, Denmark, Mexico, Tasmania, Idaho and SA had AA ratings.
The MJ report may be found here: