Good Q2 for polymetallic miner

K92 Mining says it has achieved record throughput in its second quarter, with production 25% above budget at 19,652 ounces (gold equivalent) at its Kainantu gold mine in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
Good Q2 for polymetallic miner Good Q2 for polymetallic miner Good Q2 for polymetallic miner Good Q2 for polymetallic miner Good Q2 for polymetallic miner

John Lewins

Staff Reporter

K92 says that during the second quarter the company produced 18,980oz of gold, 261,800 pounds of copper and 6894oz of silver or 19,652oz gold equivalent.
Production for the first half of 2019 was 39,437oz (gold equivalent) compared with production of 47,237oz for the entire year in 2018. Recoveries for the first half averaged 93.4% for gold and 93.2% copper.
Mining operations in the second quarter continued to focus on Kora North and comprised cut and fill stope mining from the K1 vein from the 1185 and 1205 mRL level as well as development tonnes from the K2 vein on the 1170 mRL level and K1 on the 1205 mRL level. 
CEO John Lewins said the result for the second quarter continued to demonstrate the ability of the team at Kainantu to deliver.
"It is particularly pleasing that this has been achieved while the operating team is also working on our expansion project designed to double throughput and production.
"The metallurgical and project services team have almost completed the installation of the gravity circuit and gold room and will begin commissioning in July. The mining team has several mining projects either completed or under way, including the dewatering, ventilation upgrade, incline upgrade, bulk explosives mining system, portal workshop and many others," Lewins said