Momis calls on PNG to ban miners

BOUGAINVILLE’S government has asked Papua New Guinea to help enforce its travel ban on a group of foreign mining company executives and shareholders.
Momis calls on PNG to ban miners Momis calls on PNG to ban miners Momis calls on PNG to ban miners Momis calls on PNG to ban miners Momis calls on PNG to ban miners

John Momis

Staff Reporter

President John Momis said that despite a ban, people were continuing to disrespect Bougainville's customs and laws, and cause "disharmony", reported Radio New Zealand International.
They wanted PNG officials to stop seven individuals from entering both PNG and Bougainville.
The ban includes chair of RTG Mining, Michael Carrick, its chief executive, Justine Magee, and chief operating officer Mark Turner.
The ban also applies to two RTG directors and lawyer Renzie Duncan, who is with associated company, Central Exploration, RNZI reported.
RTG has close links with the SMLOLA landowning group at the site of the Panguna mine, and they are hoping to re-open the mine.
But the Bougainville government has separate plans for the mine, and intends controversial changes to its own Mining Act to make this happen.
The seventh person on the banned list is Nik Zuks, who is a shareholder of Kalia Group, which is looking to mine at another site on Bougainville Island.
The company was castigated by the government earlier this month for continuing mineral exploration, while the province was still conducting its referendum.
A Kalia geologist was killed in a clash, causing Momis to say the company was encroaching on disputed land but Kalia said it had permission from the landowners.