Ramu vows to continue to deliver

RAMU NiCo remains committed to deliver all the commitments in the project memorandum of agreement, promising to work closely with its stakeholders despite the legal challenge initiated by the Madang provincial government.
Ramu vows to continue to deliver Ramu vows to continue to deliver Ramu vows to continue to deliver Ramu vows to continue to deliver Ramu vows to continue to deliver

Staff Reporter

Ramu NiCo is the developer of Ramu nickel-cobalt project in Madang Province and says the provincial government's compensation claim for a recent tailings spill was extremely unrealistic.
Ramu NiCo said the government and people were asking for damages of K18 billion and K1.6 million and this would be challenged in court.
"We received the documents and will defend vigorously in court. As a responsible corporate organisation, we will not allow the plaintiffs to mislead any parties using the court room as all our evidences and facts are in order," Ramu NiCo said.
"We want to assure our landowners and the stakeholders that we remain focused to continue with the business, deliver all our commitments including benefits for the landowners and business opportunities in the memorandum of agreement.
"We will strictly comply with all regulatory requirements including safety standards and environmental protection," the company said.
Ramu NiCio said it was the right of the plaintiff and the parties instigating the proceedings to seek relief before the court but the company will defend the case while remained focused to deliver the project to the landowners.
"Our primary task is to deliver the project's benefit to the landowners who are the primary custodians of the resource. This will be in strict compliance with all the regulatory requirements. We ask the landowners to remain with us in this time.
"We also ask the state agencies including the Conservation and Environmental Protection Authority (CEPA), the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) and responsible government ministries to support us so that we continue to deliver the project benefits to the landowners and the stakeholders," the company said.