Tuke defends Amendment Bill

MINES Minister Johnson Tuke has defended the passing of the Mining Amendment Bill, saying that all the government wanted was “a fair take”.
Tuke defends Amendment Bill Tuke defends Amendment Bill Tuke defends Amendment Bill Tuke defends Amendment Bill Tuke defends Amendment Bill

Jerry Garry

Staff Reporter

Speaking at a function outside parliament, Tuke said: "All we want is you (industry) take your fair share and we take ours. It's not that we want to be nationalistic. No, we need you too. We need partners.
"If you want to extend your business in this country, you better be able to fulfil some of your social obligations. That is the licence that will give you a guarantee," Tuke said, as reported in The National newspaper.
Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management secretary Harry Kore said there were three specific issues that stood out from the amendment.
The first was that the Act empowered the state to do exploration; the second was to monitor the volume of minerals leaving the country; and the third was arbitration needed to be done within PNG.
Mineral Resource Authority managing director Jerry Garry said the government was not doing enough to collect tax. "We are losing about 20% more than other countries. We do not have the visibility of what is produced in every mine around the country," he said.
Garry said the country needed an advanced process control system on operating mines which would enable the authorities to see what was put through the plant, and what came out on the other side of the plant.