New alcohol rules for miners

WESTERN Australia’s Chamber of Minerals and Energy and its member companies have announced the Safe and Respectful Behaviours – Industry Alcohol Guidelines, an industry-wide guidance for the consumption of alcohol at on-site accommodation facilities.
New alcohol rules for miners New alcohol rules for miners New alcohol rules for miners New alcohol rules for miners New alcohol rules for miners

Staff Reporter

The guideline includes:
• Implementation of a four-drink limit for all accommodation residents over a 24-hour period, including takeaway limitations.
• Prohibition of alcohol served in a form that encourages rapid-consumption - such as shots or double-servings.
• Ensuring availability of varied drink-strength operations served at accommodation facilities - for example low and medium-strength beverages.
• Ensuring availability of non-alcoholic drink options, for example 0% beer, carbonated drinks and freely available water.
• Ensuring availability of food options - such as snacks or hot food - wherever alcohol is served.
• Actively promoting a culture of moderation and healthy dietary choices.
• Educating residents of the alcohol policy that applies in accommodation facilities.
• Implementation of education material that informs residents in accommodation facilities about the harmful effects of alcohol consumption.
Carruthers said CME would work with member companies over coming months on the rollout of the Industry Alcohol Guidelines.