Govt urged to back small-scale mining

A FRESH call has been made on the government of Papua New Guinea to prepare legislation for small scale miners.
Govt urged to back small-scale mining Govt urged to back small-scale mining Govt urged to back small-scale mining Govt urged to back small-scale mining Govt urged to back small-scale mining

Darren Sutton

Staff Reporter

The request has come from Sustainable Alluvial Mining Services (Sams) co-founder Darren Sutton, who said that it was this sector which had played a role in the economic development of Papua New Guinea over a century, The National newspaper reported.
"We have heard and read of early explorers discovering gold in PNG, to gold rush in the Wau/Bulolo gold fields, leading to the birth of the modern mining era."
He said small-scale mining could empower rural communities to diversify into spin-off business and small to medium enterprise activities.
Sutton said the sector had more than 100,000 rural miners throughout the country and up to a million people who benefitted indirectly from it.
"It will be timely also to have local people participate in the gold refinery agenda the government has initiated," he said.
"There is a global movement on improving the small-scale mining industry that benefits almost 30 million people around the world. Therefore, PNG must be part of the international actions to address this critical sector for our people.
"There is evidence of many remote districts that are economically supported by the artisanal and small-scale gold mining sector," he said, mentioning Wau/Bulolo, Maprik, Samarai-Murua and Kainantu.
"Although there is economic potential in this sector, many governments have given little attention
to the sector in terms of financial and technical assistance," Sutton said.
"On the policy aspect of the sector, no specific legal framework or regulations in place to protect small-scale and grassroots miners, including women and children, from dangers."