Barrick finds more gold than it produces

PORGERA gold mine owner Barrick Gold Corporation last year again more than replaced the gold reserves it mined and its proven ability to sustain this achievement through exploration will support the execution of its 10-year rolling business plan.
Barrick finds more gold than it produces Barrick finds more gold than it produces Barrick finds more gold than it produces Barrick finds more gold than it produces Barrick finds more gold than it produces

John Thornton

Staff Reporter

This was said by executive chairman John Thornton in the company's 2023 Information Circular published this week.
"Attuned to market cycles, Barrick's strategy of building its future by continuing to invest in sustainably profitable growth, organic as well as external, has equipped us well to deal with challenging circumstances.
"In the current climate of uncertainty, we are proving again that our people are truly world class and are more than capable of making Barrick the world's most valued gold and copper company," Thornton said.
"Our focus in 2023 will be on expanding Barrick's value foundation, already one of the industry's best, within and beyond our current borders. The Reko Diq project in Pakistan will almost double our current copper production and will add to our gold production when it is fully operational. We are also extending our presence in North and South America and we are particularly excited by new opportunities in North Africa and the Middle East."
Thornton says that at a time when environmental management and human rights are coming under increasingly critical scrutiny, Barrick's sustainability strategy has long been embedded in its business plans.
"The creation of long-term value for all stakeholders contributes meaningfully to the social and economic development of our host countries and communities, protects the safety and health of our people, respects human rights and manages the impact of our operations on the environment.
"Sustainability performance accounts for 25% of the long-term incentive awards for our senior leaders, demonstrating the importance Barrick attaches to our sustainability commitments."
The 2022 Sustainability Report will publish this month.
Also in the Information Circular, lead director Brett Harvey says that at a time when the mining industry's recruitment pool is shrinking, Barrick actively seeks to attract talented young people by offering them exceptionally rewarding career opportunities in a modern, world-class business.
"By prioritising local recruitment - 96% of Barrick's global employees are host country nationals - the company has also built a workforce that is naturally multicultural and ethnically diverse.
"Similarly, the board represents a mosaic of skills, nationalities, racial and ethnic backgrounds and experiences and perspectives that is not only capable of directing Barrick effectively in a rapidly changing world but also represents the composition of our stakeholder universe," Harvey said.
Barrick's annual meeting will be held on May 2 at 10am (Toronto time) at the Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum, Tim Horton's Theatre, Brookfield Place, 30 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1X8, Canada and at