2010 census kicks off

THE Papua New Guinean government has reportedly started its long overdue national census – which will finally update the population figure for the country, estimated to be 6.9 million a couple of years ago.

The government schedules the census to take place once every decade, however, the 2010 census was delayed due to funding and logistical difficulties.

There could be more delays on the cards, as the census is scheduled to be completed in a single week despite the countless villages stretched across difficult terrain and the multitude of islands in PNG.

The National reported the census team consisted of about 37,000 staff in white t-shirts and caps, and the census would finish on Sunday.

Aside from clocking up the numbers from a widely observed baby boom over recent years, the census will also provide important health and safety data and is necessary for tailoring government policy to specific regions.

The census will also help finalise electoral boundaries ahead of the election next year.


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