Michoud turns to LNG tanks

ONCE it used to be the giant external tanks for space shuttles that rolled out of NASA’s Michoud assembly facility. Soon it will be LNG tanks for far more terrestrial uses that the plant will be building.
Michoud turns to LNG tanks Michoud turns to LNG tanks Michoud turns to LNG tanks Michoud turns to LNG tanks Michoud turns to LNG tanks

The LNG manufacturing activity on behalf of Lockeed Martin is the continuation of NASA's commitment to build on the legacy of the space shuttle program.

The agreement ultimately could lower facility costs at Michoud for government and industry users and also free up money for other space exploration goals.

Lockheed Martin said it had received initial orders to manufacture cryogenic tanks for fuelling LNG-powered vessels.

As part of its longer range business plans, Lockheed Martin will adapt production equipment used to manufacture the space shuttles' external tanks to a wide range of LNG supply chain applications.

NASA's Michoud assembly facility is a multi-tenant campus with 17.4 hectares of advanced manufacturing space under one roof.

A number of private companies and government projects take advantage of the facility's key capabilities that include large-envelop fibre placement equipment, friction stir welding systems, high-speed machining tools, material test labs and manufacturing infrastructure.

Besides the space shuttle external tanks, Michoud also built the Saturn S-1C and Saturn S01B boosters for the Apollo program.

The shuttle program's conclusion did not mean the end of Michoud's space involvement.

The centre is building the Orion spacecraft, a beyond low earth orbit manned space craft.

Michoud also is being modified to manufacture the core stage of NASA's Space Launch System rocket, the most powerful ever built.

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