$1M for Fiji disease outbreak

THE Australian government is helping Fiji respond to its recent meningococcal outbreak.

  • Staff Reporter
  • 25 May 2018
  • 04:57
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$1M for Fiji disease outbreak

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Australia's Foreign Affairs Department says that at Fiji's request, Australia is providing $A1 million for the procurement of around 75,000 doses of the vaccine.
Fijian officials began the first phase of their vaccination program 10 days ago targeting around 125,000 children from high-risk groups to contain the outbreak.
The second phase of the vaccination rollout will take place over the next three months, targeting 200,000 Fijian's aged between one and 19 years old.
"Through Australia's Pacific regional health security initiatives, we are supporting organisations such as WHO, UNICEF, and the South Pacific Community that are providing technical support to the Fiji government to plan, resource, and execute its national response to the meningococcal disease outbreak.
"Our support for the vaccination campaign forms part of our ongoing work to assist Fiji to strengthen its national health systems," the Foreign Affairs Department said.


$1M for Fiji disease outbreak

$1M for Fiji disease outbreak

25 May 2018 04:57
Fiji, Oz, bury the hatchet

Fiji, Oz, bury the hatchet

17 January 2019 18:21

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