Backing for Indonesia energy event

THE Oxford Business Group has announced its partnership with ‘Renewable Energy for Indonesia 2017’ for the conference which will take place on November 28 and 29.
Backing for Indonesia energy event Backing for Indonesia energy event Backing for Indonesia energy event Backing for Indonesia energy event Backing for Indonesia energy event

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The theme is ‘renewable energy: keystone for universal electrification and energy security' and the event takes place at Le Meridien, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Organisers say that Indonesia, with the world's fourth largest population, has an aggressive goal to increase the share of renewable energy in the country's energy mix to 23% by 2025.
"With its overall potential to generate 788,000MW through new and renewable energy, Indonesia will serve as a model for clean energy deployment, especially for island nations, while providing a growing market for advanced renewable energy technologies worldwide.
"With an expected population of 285 million by 2025, the greatest challenges of Indonesia to achieve universal electrification is their remote regions and islands that currently heavily dependent to high-cost diesel fuel that is often imported and transported over long distances," the organisers said.
The Indonesian government has said that it has recognised the opportunity the energy market presents, and has committed to its 35GW energy plan and make power more affordable for the people throughout the country.
"Efforts in improving the ease of licensing, providing incentives and adjustment on feed-in-tariff are part of the initiatives of the government in increasing the deployment of renewable energy in the country; while initiating rural electrification programs to bring electricity to more than 12,600 villages lacking on-demand access, largely from renewable resources."
This is the third edition of the conference and it is aimed at providing an interactive platform for potential investors and renewable energy technologies providers to understand the market directions, opportunities and economic priorities of the government of Indonesia on renewables.




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