APEC high on agenda at mining expo

AN update on Papua New Guinea’s preparations for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in 2018 will be one of the key highlights of the PNG Mining and Petroleum Conference.
APEC high on agenda at mining expo APEC high on agenda at mining expo APEC high on agenda at mining expo APEC high on agenda at mining expo APEC high on agenda at mining expo

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will open the PNG Mining and Petroleum Conference

Staff Reporter

The event, which alternates between Sydney and Port Moresby is set to kick off at the Stanley Hotel and Suites on November 28.
The three-day conference will feature sessions ranging from mining, oil and gas ipdates, proposed petroleum developments, exploration as well as government initiatives in the resources industry. 
Prime Minister Peter O'Neill will open the conference with an address on PNG's economy in a global context. 
ANZ will present the keynote paper on how PNG and its resources sector can optimise opportunities in the global market.
The Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel will also provide delegates an overview of the national budget and the outlook for the resource industry in 2018. His presentation will be done a day after the budget is handed down on November 28. 
The two panel discussions that will be held during the conference are APEC 2018, and occupational health and safety.
Newcrest Lihir will present their signature safety programme, the Lihir NewSafe Programme, while ExxonMobil will present their OHS initiatives which contribute to the PNG LNG project's excellent safety record.
Other panellists that will join the discussions are Total, International SOS, PNG Air, and the Mineral Resources Authority.