Stena Clyde set for Timor Sea

SCOTTISH company Stena Drilling has said that it had signed a contract with Timor Sea Oil and Gas Australia (TOGA), a subsidiary of Northern Oil and Gas, for use of the semi-submersible Stena Clyde.
Stena Clyde set for Timor Sea Stena Clyde set for Timor Sea Stena Clyde set for Timor Sea Stena Clyde set for Timor Sea Stena Clyde set for Timor Sea

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The 30-day drill campaign is expected to start in April or May this year.
Stena Clyde is a twin pontoon, column stabilised drilling unit, Aker H3 design. The vessel has been modified with an additional six stability columns to provide adequate operating deck load for operations in 1640 feet of water. 
The Stena Clyde has a surface blowout preventer capability for a water depth of 5000 feet.
"Stena Clyde has been kept warm stacked in Darwin and this work scope now represents a great opportunity for the Stena Clyde as the unit remains active and competitive in Australian waters," Stena Drilling said.
Northern Oil operates the Northern Endeavour in the Timor Sea, a purpose-built, double-hulled floating production storage and offloading vessel permanently moored between the Laminaria and Corallina oil fields in the Timor Sea.
Crude oil, gas and water from the reservoir are separated on board the FPSO.
Oil is stored on the facility in six pairs of tanks, before export to trading tankers. The Northern Endeavour is designed to store 1.4 million barrels of oil and process about 170,000 barrels of oil per day.