New tool for LNG traders

A NEW crystal ball for those in the LNG business has just been launched by analytics company ICIS.
New tool for LNG traders New tool for LNG traders New tool for LNG traders New tool for LNG traders New tool for LNG traders

Louise Boddy

Staff Reporter

With the name ‘LNG Supply Forecast', ICIS says the new tool represents an events-based approach to forecasting.
The two-year forwards view of the global LNG supply starts "at the most granular level with forecasts for each of the world's liquefaction plants. It then uses the ICIS global reporting capability to identify all the events and news affecting supply", the company said.
"We found that our LNG customers needed support in monitoring the world's supply events and giving a logical, data-based view on their impact in a very short timeframe," ICIS Energy product director Louise Boddy said.
"Trust was always the most important factor for our development partners and the transparency provided by this forecast builds that trust. Being able to identify important events and assess their impact fast is a capability we think will make a real difference to those in the global gas market who need to quantify news impact for their businesses," she said.
LNG and gas traders and analysts would are likely to be the target of the product, but ICIS says it also affects profit for utilities and integrated energy companies. 



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