Power JV for Pacific markets

THREE companies in the business of energy storage have agreed to collaborate on utility-scale battery storage development and investment opportunities in Asia Pacific markets.
Power JV for Pacific markets Power JV for Pacific markets Power JV for Pacific markets Power JV for Pacific markets Power JV for Pacific markets

David Green

Staff Reporter

Lyon, JERA and Fluence say the collaboration agreement combines one of the world's largest energy companies (JERA), the world's most experienced battery storage technology company (Fluence), and the world's leading independent developer of integrated utility-scale battery storage and renewable generation projects (Lyon).
The parties will assess use of utility and industrial scale battery storage solutions in new projects and at existing renewable and thermal generation plants across their collective operational footprints. 
On projects to which the parties commit, Lyon will be the project developer, JERA an investor, and Fluence the energy storage solution and service provider.
"The collaboration agreement expands on the strong relationships formed by the parties through development of Lyon's tranche 1 integrated solar and storage projects at Cape York in Queensland (55MW solar plus 20MW/80MWh storage); Nowingi in Victoria (253 MW + 80MW/320MWh); and Riverland in South Australia (253MW + 100MW/400MWh).
Lyon chairman David Green said his company's participation was a major step toward a future where the world's electricity systems meet consumers' needs securely and reliably with renewable power.
"This collaboration agreement is based on a shared understanding that the world requires low emissions energy systems that are also secure, reliable and affordable. Utility-scale battery storage solutions across new and existing generation plants will be a key enabler."
"Lyon's tranche 1 projects will include four-hour Fluence battery storage systems and are scheduled to begin construction in the coming months."




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