Elections in Solomons today

SOLOMON Islanders go to the polls today in the national general election.
Elections in Solomons today Elections in Solomons today Elections in Solomons today Elections in Solomons today Elections in Solomons today

Matthew Varley

Staff Reporter

The Electoral Commission said nearly 360,000 people had registered to vote, 72,000 more than the 2014 poll.
Voters will be placing their marks at 1400 polling stations across the country's 50 constituencies.
It is the first election since the departure of the regional assistance mission known as RAMSI following instability in the early 2000s.
Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Port Moresby has released an alert for Solomons Islands generally, but specific care should be taken in Fateleka (north Malaita), Malu (north Malaita), Gizo (Western Province), West Honiara and Central Guadalcanal (Hells Point).
The embassy said it would take between three to 14 days to declare the winners in each constituency. "Violence between the various political parties has been known to break out on both election day, and during the vote counting period afterwards," the embassy said.
The police have urged candidates and their supporters to refrain from spreading rumours, gossip and false claims when campaigning.
Police Commissioner Matthew Varley said spreading rumours and false claims could incite people to get upset and carry out violent acts and subsequent retaliation.
"We want to make sure candidates encouraged their supporters to behave responsibly," Varley said.
"I also need to re-emphasis the point that candidates and their supporters need to be very mindful of the messages that they are using when they campaign."
"Throughout the campaign period, we will be adopting a zero tolerance approach to any threats of violence or intimidation against people in relation to polling day," Varley said.