Foundation moment at PNG LNG

THE first foundation has been poured at the PNG LNG project and hailed as a milestone by Esso Highlands managing director Peter Graham.
Foundation moment at PNG LNG Foundation moment at PNG LNG Foundation moment at PNG LNG Foundation moment at PNG LNG Foundation moment at PNG LNG

The Post Courier quoted him as saying that the pouring was just the first baby step on a long road.

"Over the past two years, the project has been progressing site preparations, road development and infrastructure to prepare for construction of the LNG plant," Graham said.

"The pouring of this foundation represents another milestone towards building a lasting partnership between the PNG LNG project and Papua New Guinea.

"It contains 20 cubic metres of concrete and nearly 2000 kilograms of steel reinforcement, a small fraction of the steel that will eventually be needed to build this plant."

The newly poured foundation along with hundreds of other columns will form the skeleton of the plant.

Graham also spoke about the project's PNG workforce, saying that while there were currently more than 1100 PNG nationals working at the site, that figure would grow as the project ramped up.

Last year Esso Highlands opened a 150 million kina training centre to train up to 4000 workers to work on the four-year project.

Minister for Higher Education Michael Ogio said at the time that the investment in workers was a show of confidence in the nation.

"Esso Highlands and its co-venturers in the PNG LNG project have shown confidence in our nation. The training facility and the expertise developed will create long-term value for Papua New Guinea as we grow our skilled workforce," he said.

SkillsTech Australia is responsible for coordination of the Port Moresby Construction Training facility and all training will conform to international qualification frameworks. The training team includes 16 Papua New Guineans who have earned instructor certifications.

On completion of the project in 2014, PNG LNG will donate the training facility to the PNG government and it will become part of Port Moresby Technical College.

Esso Highlands will operate the plant, which was designed by the Chiyoda-JGC joint venture.

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