Mutineers held French guns

AMERICAN gun enthusiasts have identified some automatic rifles surrendered by soldiers behind ex-colonel Yaura Sasa’s failed attempt to control Papua New Guinea’s Defence Force as rare and may have come from Vanuatu or Indonesia.
Mutineers held French guns Mutineers held French guns Mutineers held French guns Mutineers held French guns Mutineers held French guns

"What is interesting is that some of the mutineers appeared to have been armed with French FAMAS rifles," the Firearm Blog reported.

A reader of the blog said PNGDF soldiers use the M16A2 and FN FAL rifles and postulated that the FAMAS rifles could have been illegally sourced from Vanuatu, which acquired 350 of them in 1994.

The reader further said Indonesian special forces had bought these weapons before even though they weren't "known to use them".

"There was suspicion that the coup had Indonesian support, not only due to Indonesia having a history of interfering with PNG but also because the retired colonel who led the coup had just come back from a 6-month embed with the Indonesian military," the reader said.

Sasa was a PNGDF attache to Indonesia before he retired.

While the incident was referred to as a "coup" in mainstream media, the 15-30 soldiers who backed Yasa were a tiny fraction of the estimated 2000 soldiers in the entire PNGDF.

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