Recovery update

THERE are signs both the PNG LNG project and Porgera mine in Papua New Guinea are starting to overcome the setbacks which followed the devastating landslide in January near the Tumbi quarry in the Southern Highlands.
Recovery update Recovery update Recovery update Recovery update Recovery update

The landslide claimed at least 25 lives according to the more conservative estimates and buried a key access road between the PNG LNG project's Nogoli camp and the Hides field.

An ExxonMobil spokesperson told the road was reopened following repair work undertaken by the PNG Department of Works and PNG Defence Force corps of engineers.

As part of a community reaction to the landslide, people from Tari recently felled power pylons from the nearby Hides gas to electricity plant which had long supplied power to the Porgera mine.

Losing the power supply forced the mine to rely on site-based, diesel-powered electricity.

In mid-February a source told that Porgera was forced to shut down its open cut operations as fuel reserves fell below 40%.

But the HGE plant's power supply has returned to Porgera according to the source this week.

The source believes fuel reserves are back up to 70% capacity and rising.


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