Ketu flow above expectations

HORIZON Oil’s Ketu-2 well at PRL 2 in Papua New Guinea has flowed at 20 million cubic feet per day on a test of the lower 9m of the Elevala sandstone, with no formation water brought up.
Ketu flow above expectations Ketu flow above expectations Ketu flow above expectations Ketu flow above expectations Ketu flow above expectations

The well flowed gas on Friday morning within 15 minutes of it being opened to flare and Horizon partner Kina Petroleum said although the gas contained condensate, it was hard to gauge an accurate figure at this stage.

However, Kina said the amount of condensate was expected to be in line with the gas to condensate ratio observed at Elevala-1, which was 60 barrels of condensate per million cubic feet of gas.

Kina said the absence of water from the flow was encouraging as Ketu-2 was designed to be a water test and it had also expected the zone tested to be water-bearing, with the flow beating pre-drill estimates.

The forward plan is to establish a stable maximum flow rate before performing a multi-rate test to establish the well capacity profile.

After this, a retrievable plug will be set and the well suspended until required for further testing and service.

Ketu-2 was a trigger for a re-evaluation of the Elevala field in March, with Kina's consultant geologist Ian Longley estimating the field had a mean contingent resource of 480 billion cubic feet of gas and 27 million barrels of condensate.

It compares to the pre-drill certified mean recoverable contingent resources of 302Bcf of gas and 19.3Mmbbl of condensate.

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