Duma returns

RECENT reports from PNG indicate that William Duma has once again held on to the petroleum and energy portfolio while Lee Dion has unexpectedly been appointed deputy prime minister.
Duma returns Duma returns Duma returns Duma returns Duma returns

Social media is leading other print media in announcing the official cabinet appointments today.

Duma's successful bid to regain his long-held petroleum minister role was commented on by political blogger Tavurvur.

"My sympathy to P&E enthusiasts who have been pestering me over past few weeks," he tweeted.

"I hear your groans: five more years under Duma."

While Triumph Heritage Empowerment party leader Don Polye was tipped to become DPM, Dion is a member of THE party so this post is still under his influence.

Polye has regained his treasurer position. Out of the reports so far, it is still not clear who won the role of mining minister under the new O'Neill coalition government.


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