Kumul restart flagged

INVESTIGATORS at the Kumul marine terminal in Papua New Guinea have struggled to find any leak despite oil droplets appearing in the water. Oil Search says it aims to quickly resume normal operations at the oil export terminal.
Kumul restart flagged Kumul restart flagged Kumul restart flagged Kumul restart flagged Kumul restart flagged

"Physical inspection and analysis of line integrity, including testing at pressures twice the normal operating levels, has, to date, found no source of any leak in the oil export system," Oil Search said.

"The company has taken an appropriately conservative approach to this incident. The intermittent appearance of very small quantities of oil droplets, which are significantly below reportable volumes, will continue to be fully investigated, with further surveys planned in the next few days."

Oil Search said it expected to return to normal operations early next week.

The terminal is about 40km off Papua New Guinea's southern coast and exports crude oil through its tanker offloading infrastructure.

The Clough AMEC joint venture won the contract to upgrade the terminal last year as it will also export liquids from the $US15.7 billion PNG LNG project, which is targeting first cargoes in 2014.


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