In for the long haul

A Keech liner for dump truck trays will help extend the lifespan of a fleet in Papua New Guinea.
In for the long haul In for the long haul In for the long haul In for the long haul In for the long haul

Published in the November 2012 Australia's Mining Monthly

Steel castings manufacturer Keech Australia has stepped in to prolong the life of dump trucks at one of the largest copper concentrate and gold mines in Papua New Guinea, following a significant fleet upgrade.

The company's Keeplate was selected to line trays on 25 new 250-tonne dump trucks put to work carting copper ore from the mine to the crusher.

Manufactured from chromium carbide beading, welded onto a 250 grade steel base, Keech Keeplate is lightweight and available in a range of thicknesses to suit different applications.

Keech Australia product support and sales representative Michael Scott, who works directly with a number of mines in Papua New Guinea, said the installation of the Keech Keeplate would significantly increase the lifespan of the trays, buckets and blades of mine equipment.

When it came to choosing the most appropriate thickness for truck tray liners, he said, consideration was given to overall weight of the liner plates along with the impact conditions.

"You don't want to add too much weight to the tray, particularly when the trucks are used for downhill loads," Scott said.

"At the same time, you want the plates to be thick enough to provide maximum protection, so it's a matter of balancing these two issues to find the right Keeplate for the job."

Other applications for the Keeplate include dozer mouldboards, shovel and loader buckets, skid plates and high-speed chutes.

Keech's Wearpact system, a patented ground engaging tool designed for underground loader buckets, is also proving popular in PNG.

Manufactured from wear-resistant steel, Wearpact features multiple retentions to prevent the castings from coming loose.

Ease of installation and removal is ensured thanks to the hammerless easy wedge retainer.

"The Wearpact system is designed for full bucket nose protection and a clean upper lip plane finish," Scott added.

"There is no intrusive casting inside the bucket to hinder loading or dumping operations.

"The system also provides the option of moving from semi-spade to full-spade by simply changing the castings.

"It's been manufactured to wear from the bottom up, which gives a greater wear-away to throw-away ratio, thereby reducing the overall cost for the mining operator.

"We're currently fitting the system to a fleet of underground loader buckets in a large copper and gold mine in the highlands region of Papua New Guinea, following a successful trial of the system on underground loaders.

"Given that the Wearpact system is also suitable for surface loaders, it has huge potential to improve operations at a large number of mines across Papua New Guinea."


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