Santos calls AGM

SANTOS announced its AGM last week, which is scheduled to be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Thursday April 30.
Santos calls AGM Santos calls AGM Santos calls AGM Santos calls AGM Santos calls AGM

Shareholders will be asked to vote on a number of ordinary and special resolutions pertaining to the company's finances and the election of directors.

The directors will ask shareholders to receive and consider the financial report ending December 2014, whereby shareholders would be given time to comment on the documents and question a representative of the company's auditor.

They will also be asked to consider the company's remuneration report, which outlines key developments, explains the board's policy, and provides remuneration details and performance conditions of directors and key management personnel.

Another item on the agenda is the election of two directors - Roy Franklin, who is seeking re-election, and Yasmin Allen. The board are in favour of both persons, and have recommended to shareholders accordingly.

The company is also seeking shareholder approval regarding the granting of share acquisition rights to managing director and CEO David Knox, and for present and future non-executive directors to acquire ordinary shares in the company through the NED shareholding plan.

The final item of business shareholders would be asked to vote on is the renewal of proportional takeover provisions in the company's constitution, which is required for the provisions to have any effect.

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