Playing it safe in Port Moresby

A PORT Moresby company has begun hiring fireproof safety deposit spaces in response to customer queries for the storage of legal documents such as title deeds, wills and other important papers.

"Our business provides this service to customers for the very first time in Port Moresby. Our facility is designed on overseas standards and guarantees privacy and confidentiality to its customers," said Julie Wilson of Private Boxes PNG.

"Our vaulted facility, is in the best possible secure location, monitored by cameras, with Black Swan Security, it is surrounded by security personnel and provides our customers with confidentiality and assurance that their personal or company items are safely stored in their own private storage box."

Wilson explained the way in which the safety deposit box system worked:

  • Entry into the premises are by appointment only thus providing you with, both complete privacy and confidentially
  • You will be provided with the only two keys that exist.
  • Only two people may be authorised by you to have access to the security box.
  • The authorised party will be required to provide photo ID in order to access the facility.
  • Only one person is permitted access at any time.
  • You will be taken through several doors, including vault doors in order to access your box.
  • The dual key locking mechanism requires the insertion of two keys at the same time.
  • Yours plus another key which we hold. It is impossible for a box to be opened by one party using only their key.
  • You will have total privacy to remove or place times in your box.
  • No one including us know what you have in your box.

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